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Mars Evacuees  and  Space Hostages

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" of the most exciting books that you will find for both boys and girls.

It's a joy to read. It makes me, as on older reader, feel like a big kid and sometimes in this world that can be a wonderful feeling."

"A superb mid-grade/young adult SF story with better "S" than a lot of adult Science Fiction."

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"I'm a big fan of Sophia McDougall. Her YA books are sharp, witty and worth every second of your time. I don't know what she'll do next, but I'm sure it'll be amazing."

—  Gareth L Powell

"Malfunctioning robots! Space monsters!! Alien abduction!!! The setting may be the future, but there’s plenty of good old-fashioned storytelling and humor here. Sure to please armchair adventurers with their eyes on the stars."

“Alice is a spunky heroine, and the story combines otherworldly adventures with a kind and hopeful message.”

—  School Library Journal

Science fiction for kids ... and young adults ... and everyone else who likes invisible aliens, sentient spaceships, robot goldfishes, and jokes

—  ALA Booklist
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